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Fredrik Bergengren – Guitars, & Backing vocals
Johan Dahlström – Lead & Backing vocals
Olle Nilsson – Drums, Percussion & Backing vocals
Samir Dounas – Bass & Backing vocals
Tommy Falk – Keyboards & Backing vocals

Colorstone was formed in 2010 and has become a favourite on rock radio stations all over the world. Inspired by bands and artists like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters. With a history, working with producers like Keith Olsen (Grammy-winning record producer and sound engineer who’s worked with bands like the Grateful Dead, Dave Grohl, Journey, Ozzy Osbourne, Fleetwood Mac, and so on) Colorstone is set of to be a band to count on.

Excellent quality work from swedish colorstone! Definitely one of the must-buy albums of 2014. It’s flawles. 9 out of 10!



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Int0 the garden-2012

The Colorstone debut album was recorded during 2010-2011, containing 17 songs and a bonus DVD with a documentary and 2 studio videos. We had about 60 songs to choose from, which made it very difficult to narrow it down. That’s why the album has 17 songs… Lots of positive reactions from rock radio stations and webzines around the world!



As the first album, It was also recorded at Papas Place in Sweden. This time we were determined to make a shorter, more to the point album. The songs are also shorter in general. It was released February the 1st 2014 with a concert at KB in Malmö. Hope you dig it as much as we are proud of it. See you out there!


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