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Colorstone is

Fredrik Bergengren – Guitars, Keyboards & Backing vocals
Johan Dahlström – Lead & Backing vocals
Olle Nilsson – Drums, Percussion & Backing vocals
Samir Dounas – Bass & Backing vocals
Tommy Falk – Keyboards & Backing vocals

Individually we have worked with big time producers like Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Saga, Rick Springfield, Night Ranger and so on), Nick Foss (DAD). We have played on more than 50 albums in different styles and toured throughout Scandinavia, Germany, England and Spain. We’ve also worked in recording studios in the States and Scandinavia.


Latest news

Here’s a pic from yesterdays video shooting for the song “Stone Temple”! Big thanks to the fantastic crew: Peter Carlsson, Dan Persson, Ulrika Grönlund, Christina Olsson, Gustav Bergengren and the lovely actress Sofie Drené.




Int0 the garden-2012

The Colorstone debut album was recorded during 2010-2011, containing 17 songs and a bonus DVD with a documentary and 2 studio videos. We had about 60 songs to choose from, which made it very difficult to narrow it down. That’s why the album has 17 songs… Lots of positive reactions from rock radio stations and webzines around the world!



As the first album, It was also recorded at Papas Place in Sweden. This time we were determined to make a shorter, more to the point album. The songs are also shorter in general. It was released the 1 februari with a concert at KB in Malmö. Hope you dig it as much as we are proud of it. See you out there!

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Buy this on Selz Start selling on Selz

What they say!


“What appeals most to me about Colorstone is their songs. They don’t adhere to any certain formula or feel the need to make every tune sound like it came from the same jam session. Each song stands strong beside the others, and the diversity as well as the order in which they play makes for a great track list that you’ll enjoy over and over again.”

Metalshock Finlad

“One of the best Swedish releases of 2012! Tracks like Silverspoon and Tonight’s The Night are the type off stuff that gives me a musical hard-on! Also, just realized I need to point out a few things. The band is so solid it’s scary, plus I’m totally in love with guitarist Fredrik Bergengren’s bluesy, funky and Hendrix style of playing and singer Johan Dahlström’s equally bluesy vocals. Killer stuff!”

Janne Stark

“If I were to select three favorites, I would say the opening track Into The Garden Of Destruction, To Be Someone, both of which are real rockers, add to that a beautiful ballad called Flowing which also clearly describe how the song is arranged, the song has been completed with a sitar solo that slides over to a guitar solo very tasteful all followed by the song raises its pace when the drums and bass are added. But the ten first songs are really good with the refrains as their strongest trademark”


“Want a flat peppered with varied, well composed and catchy rock songs that are Into The Garden is an obvious choice and a brilliant release. The first thing you want to do when you finished listening to Into The Garden, is to listen through it again, which is a proof of Colorstone managed to create an intriguing disc of quality so that there is enough and to spare.”




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